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Q. What size posts are used?

A: Post sizes range from 6x6 to 10x10, depending on the size of the barn and/or customer preference.

Q. How far do the posts go into the ground?

A: Posts are burried four feet into the ground. For example, a 12-foot tall barn will have 16-foot posts. 

Q. How are the posts secured into the ground?

A: Our installers use rebar and concrete to safely and securely anchor your barn into the earth.

Q. What kind of metal do you use?

A: Ultra Rib metal roofing panels. Available in 26 & 29 gauge.

Q. What metal colors are available?

A: We offer a wide variety of metal colors. Click HERE to view the color chart.

Q. Do you use pressure treated lumber?

A: Our posts are pressure treated. However, we do not use pressure treated boards for our purlins because they are not in direct contact with moisture. 

Q. Do you offer concrete slabs?

A: Absolutely!

Q. How long are quotes good for?

A: Due to fluctuating material costs, our quotes are only good for 7 days. But don't worry, prices typically don't change much and getting an updated quote is fast and easy. 

Q. How long does it take for kit delivery / installation?

A: Standard kits can typically be delivered within 2-3 weeks. Installation times will vary depending on permitting and weather. 

Q. Do you offer financing?

A: We do not personally offer to finance, however, we can refer you to finance companies to help you secure the funds you need for your new building. 

Q. What comes with a kit only order?

A: Your kit will include all posts, purlins, trusses, roofing metal, and trim needed to build your new barn. We also supply the woodgrip screws and carriage bolts needed. Concrete is available upon request. We do not supply the tools and equipment needed for installation. 

Q. How much are delivery fees?

A: Our delivery fees vary based on the drop location. However, the delivery fees are factored into the price of your building quote. 

Q. What size barns are available?

A: The max width of a gable-only building is 50'. Lean Tos can be added to both sides (up to 30' on each side) making the total width of your building up to 110'. Your heights can range from 10' to 20' depending on your preference. Your building length is limitless. 

Q. Do you offer barn build out services as well?

A: Yes! We work closely with our in-house general contractor to build out your building into the space of your dreams. Tack rooms, horse stalls, she sheds, man caves, game rooms, offices, barndominiums. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

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